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You deserve a home that will support the life you have, & also encourage the lifestyle you want.

If you find that your space has become less cheerful and more depressing than it used to be, please reach out to me today. You may even be wondering: “Would an apartment or condo be a good idea… am I ready for an assisted living arrangement?” There are some good local options if you need those or would feel more secure with some extra help.

One that comes to mind is Springhill. They offer three levels of living so you won’t have to make any more major decisions once you’re there. Some of my clients have moved to Springhill and found the staff there to be helpful if you need to move in BEFORE your home sale has completed. Here’s their website for more information:

To some folks, the word “downsizing” automatically conjures up visions of nursing home living. And while it is that way for some, the majority of people who say they want to downsize just want to live on one floor that is easier to maintain.

If you don’t mind cutting grass and shoveling snow your best housing option might be a traditional single family ranch. There are plus and minus, of course. In exchange for doing your own exterior maintenance, your cost can be lower and you have the freedom to paint, landscape, etc. as you wish. It would be my pleasure to keep you updated by email on homes that interest you; just ask.

The next question to ask yourself is: “How much yard do I want to take care of?”
If your answer is “none” and you’d rather be spending your time with grandkids, traveling or riding your bike at Presque Isle, then maybe a patio home (condo) is your best bet.

Patio Homes are the ideal type of condo because you get a freestanding building, not attached to another. They’re located in neighborhoods governed by a Home Owner Association (HOA) or management company. You would have use of the space outside your condo, but you would not own the land. And there are some rules that cover what’s permitted. You’re free of cutting grass and shoveling snow. The HOA charges you a monthly fee and does those for you. (The fee is not included in the price of the home.) Some condo neighborhoods have amenities such as a pool or tennis court. It would be my pleasure to email you with all the patio homes on the market today; ask me anytime.

The Village at Valley View Farms is one of the newer developments of patio homes in Summit Township – which is known for low taxes. New homes cost approximately $220,000 and won’t need updating in the foreseeable future. They’re quite attractive, as shown in the photo below, and there are a number of models to choose from. You have use of a 9-acre neighborhood park, too.

Of course, the smaller quarters of an apartment might sound better yet. They’re easier to maintain and there are complexes that cater to seniors. They offer dining rooms, laundry help, exercise rooms, libraries, group activities and outings.

My mother-in-law lives at Niagara Village as I write this and is quite happy there. With many outings, activities and functions there, life is anything but boring!

May I share a personal observation with you? The folks who don’t mind chatting with others truly seem to thrive in apartments. I often hear them say, “I should have done this years ago!” Now, that may have you thinking to yourself: “So… why didn’t they do it earlier?”

This is the single biggest biggest challenge to most potential down-sizers. You know what I mean: that accumulation that happens to most people who have lived any length of time in one place? There’s stuff everywhere you look and after living with it a while, you don’t even notice it. Then, when you contemplate moving and take a good hard look – it seems overwhelming and you feel stuck.

The good news: there is help available! When I meet a client at their home, we walk through and I point out staging suggestions if they want to tackle it themselves. But if the task of “going through everything” is daunting, allow me to recommend a woman named Marian Taylor. She can do as much or as little as you need and want to help you sort, pack, donate and dispose of years of accumulation. She’s an expert and a super-nice person, too!
Contact her at: simplesolutionsforliving.com

You must have lots of questions – that’s natural if you haven’t moved in a while. Don’t worry! As your Realtor, I promise that we will walk every step of the way together – start to finish. I’ll explain the details, patiently answer any questions, and get the highest price possible for you so you can turn the page and start the next chapter of YOUR story.

My goal is to hear you say, “Paula, you were such a big help and I’m telling all my friends about you!”

Reviews from a few clients who have already made the move to a smaller home:

“From the beginning to the end of the sales process, it was our extreme pleasure to work with Paula as our realtor. She was right on target with the market analysis on our home.  She shared valuable suggestions on the ways to stage our home prior to the showings to prospective buyers. As a direct result of Paula’s experience and guidance, we accepted an offer only four days after the initial listing. The entire process could not have been made any easier. Thanks Paula!” – Mark and Carolyn Monocello

“Paula is a real professional. She took care of every detail in record time from selling our old house to purchasing a new one. We could not have done this on our own.” – Jenny & John Selker

“You wouldn’t find a nicer and more accommodating person to help you.” – Josie & Rich Wawrzyniak

Visiting to Sick Person

“If you’re looking for the professional edge in realty, Paula is the Realtor for you. She meets the needs of both buyer and seller in the interest of having the best outcome.” – Evelyn Nesbitt

“…a realtor who is reliable, honest, understanding, and has the dedication to get the job done!” – Ron and Wendy Shadeck

“We had two months to sell my home. I didn’t think it was possible; Paula did. She started the paperwork immediately, the sign was up in two days, and eleven days later the house was sold. Paula is on top of things … there when you need her … I would highly recommend her.” – Noreen Powell

“I chose Paula to help me sell my home out of 4 agents I had interviewed. She is honest, patient and completely trustworthy. We have a great rapport and I genuinely like her as a new friend and real estate agent.” – Susan Drew

“ …considerate & helpful above and beyond the call of duty. NOT afraid to work – gives 120%” – Dolores Justka