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About Paula

My Promise to You:

Moving is a life-changing experience and important financial decision! That’s why I am dedicated to helping you in three ways. First – listening to understand your needs and wants. Second – being honest with you and giving sound advice based on many years of experience. And third – acting as a referral resource as you turn “the house” into Your Home. Quite simply, you can trust me and I won’t let you down.

About Me:

I was born and raised in Erie by parents with a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. By age 10 I was ringing up sales and helping customers in my Dad’s pizza shop. Attending a vocational high school for printing & graphic arts quickly led to recruitment as a graphic designer, followed by years of self-employment, known as PS Graphics. It was a good choice that serves me well today when marketing properties. I’m very happy to be a Wife, Mom, Grammie and Fur-Mom.

Spending time with my husband and family is a treasure, especially if it involves sailing, the beach or a walk in the woods. I’m passionate about wildlife & nature photography and usually have a camera handy.

Licensed in PA in 2004, I earned the “Rookie of the Year” award in my first year at RE/MAX Real Estate Group. That was followed by the coveted Top Producer, 100% Club, and Executive Club in various years. In 2017 I was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and also earned the newly created “Social Rock Star” Award for excellence in social media marketing.

Those professional acknowledgments are great, but there is another that I value even more: I’ve had the pleasure of helping well over 250 families so far and still going strong.

The success I have is due to several things: I keep a cheerful, positive attitude backed up by skill. I also pride myself on exceeding the education that real estate licensing requires. So with many agents to choose from, these allow me to stand out and excel, and the statistics prove it.


Need to sell your home and not sure which agent to choose? Comparing has always been smart and now there’s a quick and easy way to do it. Every agent is able to pull up their statistics for you. Think of it as a report card of sorts.
Ask me, or any other agent, to show you these 2 critical numbers:

(1.) Their “Days on Market” number which tells you the average length of time their listings are for sale until the sellers accept a buyer’s contract. You can look at the past year, 5 years, or their entire career. *Hint: Look for low market time. Studies show that being for sale a long time hurts you. Buyers think there is something wrong with your house and offers get lower and lower.

(2.) Their “Percent of List Price” or “Percent of Original Price” number which tells you how much the seller actually received compared to the asking price. *Hint: Look for a high number here. Agents who intentionally overprice homes will have lower numbers than those who price correctly.

However, those agents are significantly more likely to be hired by you. Why? Because it’s human nature to want the most you can get, isn’t it? You WANT to believe that the inflated price they tell you is true.

The numbers don’t lie. Overpricing definitely helps that agent to get more listings and have their signs all over the place. But it hurts the seller who will end up being for sale much longer than necessary, and net considerably less money than correct pricing from the beginning. Unfortunately, the age-old practice known in the industry as “Buying a Listing” is still used today. Don’t fall for it.

Be smart! Ask for the numbers and educate yourself first. Any agent who either won’t show them to you, or has no idea where/how to find them, would never get my vote of confidence

Now that you have some important facts, are YOU ready to get started?