I don’t have extra money to stage the house before we sell.


 “I don’t have extra money to stage the house before we sell.”

It’s a sentence I hear fairly often when talking with homeowners who are in the early stages of going on the market. I completely understand their concerns and might share them if I were the one selling.

However, to give you a little perspective: At just about EVERY price point, if the house isn’t generating an acceptable offer, you’ll need to lower the price. Usually, it’s common to do that in $1,000 increments.**

For purpose of illustration, think about how much staging that same $1,000 could buy:

  • Fresh coat of paint in multiple rooms?
  • New carpeting to replace if they’re stained & worn?
  • Add curb appeal with landscaping, power-washing, and a new light fixture?
  • A new kitchen appliance or two?

Any one of those is likely to catch a buyer’s eye more than the $1,000 price change would. And for higher priced homes, the price changes will be much larger. A $5,000 drop is often seen so the staging can save much more!

The possibility exists that the staging bill can be paid at closing, as one of your expenses. So it needn’t come out of pocket upfront. And, there are MANY staging options that can be accomplished on a much smaller investment – and some are completely NO CHARGE. Sometimes all you need is bit of elbow grease and some creativity to do the trick.

We’ve all heard the sayings, “A first impression is a lasting one” and “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” I can vouch for both being absolutely true when selling your home. Since it’s likely to be your largest asset, doesn’t it make sense to maximize your profit?

The following are before and after pictures. The left side is how the room looked when I first saw it. Now, this would be fine if the owner wasn’t putting the house on the market. Removing a few items make rooms appear more inviting, don’t you agree? And this kind of staging costs you nothing.

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** Technically, a price change of even one dollar will trigger an automatic email to go out to buyers searching for homes similar to yours. Granted, this will put your home in front of them one more time, in case they’ve forgotten it. But if the amount of the price change isn’t sizable, it won’t help you. They’ll pass you by once again.


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