Being “Agent of the Week” means you’re the BEST real estate agent, doesn’t it?


Have you ever wondered about that? Please read on for the completely honest answer, which will take only a few minutes.

The Perception: You may think that if Joe Schmoe is proclaimed “Agent of the Week” in large print in the House-to-Home section of the newspaper, then he MUST be better than the rest of the agents at selling homes or representing buyers.

The Reality: You couldn’t be more wrong. THERE IS NO AGENT OF THE WEEK!  That’s right – no one votes. No one chooses the “Best Agent” for the week, month or year for those weekly spots in the newspaper. The publisher, Times Publishing Company, sells that page to any agent who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for it. Paying the fee allows ANY agent to call themself “Agent of the Week” and it makes no difference whatsoever if he or she hasn’t sold a home all year.

Now you know. Is there a better way to compare agents? You bet there is. Learn more HERE.