All real estate agents are the same; aren’t they?


It seems to be a common perception that all agents are the same. That being the case, you could comfortably choose any one of the 400+ agents in Erie County to help you buy or sell your home and be assured of being very happy with the outcome, in terms of both speed and profitability.

Fact is, people are often dissatisfied with their experience. How do I know? Because they tell me! And they don’t hold back in doing so Recently, I gained a new client BECAUSE he was unhappy with other agents he previously met with. He decided to do some research before hiring an agent, and you should too. Here are just some of the ways agents differ:

COMMUNICATING. Of the following scenarios, which would you be most comfortable with? To set up the scene, picture yourself sitting down with 5 agents to get answers to your list of 8 questions.

Agent 1 listens patiently and addresses each item.

Agent 2 starts out okay, listening to your concerns and then after question 3 or 4 grows restless checking their watch every few minutes.

Upon sitting down across the table, Agent 3 asks how you are and, without waiting for your reply, starts telling you about their week and then launches into a rehearsed speech. 

Agent 4 sits down and promptly returns a text to someone or answers their phone. While they do that, you politely get up and walk away, shaking your head.

Agent 5 listens to part of your question but you can tell, from the far-away look in their eyes, that they are mentally somewhere else… making a shopping list, planning the weekly happy hour, etc. 


TECHNOLOGY. Some agents are on the cutting edge of new development, the majority of agents have some tech knowledge and are confused by it, and still others refuse to get on the “tech train” at all and are being left behind at the station. Where they stand definitely impacts their career, but you may be wondering why this is important to YOU? Because their knowledge, or lack thereof, determines how well your home will be marketed to buyers. Almost every buyer these days will start their search online. If your listing isn’t presented properly, you’ll get no exposure. That equals no sale.

PHOTOGRAPHY. A few agents hire a professional and get decent photos (though occasionally not.) Most agents buy the most affordable camera they can, and do the best job they can. Those folks honestly try, but have no skill in that area, and it shows. And some agents just use the camera in their phone … and occasionally don’t even get out of their car for the photo. And you’d probably pay each of them approximately the same fee.

RESPONSIVENESS. Top agents respond to your questions via phone/text/email right away, offering guidance and help. The majority of agents will get back with you in a day or two, and then there are those agents who reply to your questions next week when they get around to it… or never. The explanations can vary widely as well. Do they explain in terms you understand or use Realtor jargon that leaves you with more questions than answers – or worse, with an incorrect understanding of what happens next.

Like snowflakes, no two agents are exactly the same. If I can answer any questions for YOU, just ask. It’s my pleasure to help.