“But we have a contract!”


“But we have a contract!” is what I usually hear when I suggest to sellers that we continue to show the house even after they have accepted an offer. There’s an excellent reason for my request.

It’s the same reason that I don’t immediately slap an “UNDER CONTRACT” or “SALE PENDING” or even “SOLD!” rider on my sign in front of your house. Now, I will admit that it’s tempting to boast to all passersby about success, but here’s the reality: doing that could very possibly hurt you, my seller. Will I use the rider at your request – Yes.

When you stop showing your house, and advertise to the public that your house is no longer available you’re telling them to look elsewhere. What happens if the buyer, whose offer you accepted 3 weeks ago, backs out for some reason? After trying to salvage that transaction for another week, you’ve lost a month of marketing time. That’s a lot of time in residential real estate!

Yes, it’s not really convenient, I know. But my advice is to continue to show your home at least until after the contingencies are met; and I won’t brag about it being “SOLD” before it actually is. Maybe we will even have another “backup” buyer waiting in the wings!

Working together, we protect you and your transaction as much as possible. As always, communication is key. If you ever have questions – now or after you become my client, please reach out. I’m always happy to help.