Why Didn’t My House Sell? Here are 5 possible reasons:


  1. You aren’t using the MLS. If you’re in Erie County, when you list your house with an agent you will be given the option of featuring your house in the Multi-List System. It doesn’t cost you more to do it and pays a huge return in foot traffic through the door. There are approximately 4-500 agents in Erie County and every one of them may see your house online in the MLS. Even better, every buyer they’re working with will get the details and photos of your house in an email generated automatically if they are looking for a house at your price point.
  2. Your online photos aren’t appealing. Every house has at least two showings occur before the buyer ever steps foot in your door. The first one happens when they initially see your pictures, price and address on the website of their choice. Assuming the pictures are inviting and the price can be justified, they typically do a drive-by before calling the agent. When the buyer drives through your neighborhood and is at the curb, what she sees must again be enough of a “Wow!” to make her want to see inside.
  3. The house is dated. When a real estate agent calls your house “dated” it’s a nice way of saying that it’s old, tired and worn out. The carpet might be a bold color shag, the kitchen counters are equally bold, ugly laminate and cabinet hardware is straight out of the 80s. It’s safe to say that what may have been all the rage in 1960 probably isn’t today. Yes, once in a while trends come back but they usually change their color scheme when they do.
  4. The price is higher than the market will bear.You loved your home, right? You chose it and improved it and cared for it over the years so it’s often difficult to be objective when pricing it. That happens all the time. Try to remember that buyers shop by comparison and they don’t have any emotional attachment at all to your house. They look at all the places available at their given price range and choose the one that offers the most attractive lifestyle and represents the best value. It has to be a cost they can justify.
  5. The condition isn’t up to snuff. Let’s face it, things break, get scratched, banged up and suffer from being used, day in and day out. It falls under “normal wear and tear” and is expected. BUT when you put your house on the market, you’re competing with a few other homes, or more likely lots of others. If your competition have more trendy and modern parts, it’s definitely going to hurt your chances to get the offer you’re hoping for. In fact, it hurts your chances to get an offer at all. And if there’s an objectionable odor when they’re halfway through the front door, you’ve got trouble.

THE GOOD NEWS: Your situation is 100% fixable! Need more information? Reach out anytime, I’m here to help.