Is Your Realtor a Deadbeat or a Dynamo?


There are six d-words that provide a great “litmus test”, for not only choosing the best real estate agent but also for choosing any person you’d like to work, play, pay, consult or couple with based on how many of these six traits they display.

For purposes of this article, my focus is on d-words to seriously consider when choosing to work with a REALTOR. The more of the following 6 words used to describe your Real Estate Agent, the more likely you are to have a satisfying experience when selling or buying your next home.

1) DEPENDABLE Can your Real Estate Agent be counted on to deliver what she promises? Can you trust her to help you with one of the biggest financial decisions of your life?

2) DIRECT Does your Real Estate Agent ask direct questions in order to pinpoint your deepest desires and goals? Does she tell you what you need to hear in order to help you identify and accomplish these goals rather or what she thinks you want to hear to suit her own purposes?

3) DEDICATED Is your Real Estate Agent focused on you and what you need to accomplish rather than on herself and what she needs to do in order to make a sale or get the listing? Is she dedicated to her career as a real estate professional or is she selling real estate as an additional source of income while working another full-time job?

4) DILIGENT The dictionary defines diligent as “constant in effort to accomplish something. Attentive and persistent in doing anything.” When you look at the challenges in today’s real estate market from short sales to foreclosures to getting approved for a loan, you definitely want a REALTOR who is diligent.

5) DIPLOMATIC Does this person have the ability to “employ tact and conciliation, especially in times of stress” as defined by Merriam-Webster? Change of residence is considered a major life stress. You want a seasoned professional with the ability to lessen the impact of that stress, not add to it.

6) DETERMINED Is this person resolved to do whatever needs to be done to help you accomplish your ultimate goal of buying or selling a home in today’s challenging real estate market? Whether you are a first-time home buyer, investor or experienced home buyer or seller looking to move up or downsize, you need a REALTOR withdetermination to help you navigate the increasingly complex, real estate waters. These waters teem with complex loan programs, required disclosures, inspections, short sales, REOs, mineral rights and other land-use issues. You want to know your REALTOR will be in your corner throughout the transaction-no matter how difficult or complex things get.

When you choose to invest your valuable time and money with someone, whether it is a REALTOR, doctor, attorney, contractor, financial planner or life partner, it’s important to find someone whose character traits you can describe with most of the above d-words. If you can do that, you will probably end up happy with your choice.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself more often describing your Real Estate Agent with words like “disorganized, disrespectful, detrimental, doormat, deadbeat, dabbler, demanding, defeated, disillusioned, domineering, devious, dumb or defensive” then it’s time to show them another d-word. That would be DOOR.

Which d-words best describe your Real Estate Agent? If you’re a Realtor, which words best describe you?

Guest blogger: Ann Steinemann is a fellow real estate agent who helps clients buy and sell in nearby Westlake, Ohio.