Can you relate?




The National Association of Realtors confirm that the first one is the only correct pronunciation. And, if you look at the word closely you’ll see that is true. However, most people generally use the second version anyway. You can use either and it won’t bother me.

BUT there is a third option to consider: Relate-or.

(Oops, you’re right, there’s an added “e” in that spelling. Please forgive my taking artistic license to make a point.)

Much of my daily activity revolves around helping you buy or sell your house, and reaching out to others who might be looking for a good agent. BUT before I can do any of those things effectively I must first relate to you and your particular situation. Only after I know why you want to move in the first place can I truly help you. You might be thinking “that’s easy, just ask your client that question.” Occasionally that works, but experience has taught me that other times it goes much deeper than that.

Quite a while back I learned this the hard way. The client and I saw every condo on the market over a year-long span. That’s what she asked for, so that’s what we did. And she systematically rejected every single one! She was frustrated; her adult children were frustrated, and I was too. What I should have done was to tune in better to what she WASN’T saying because that was driving her actions. Her husband had died and their longtime family home had been sold before I met her. She was lonely and, because she devoted her days to her spouse, had maintained few friendships. NO condo in our area would have worked for her in view of that information! The story had a happy ending (though not the one I expected) when my client moved out of town and bought a condo near her sisters to have the companionship she was desperately seeking.

Yes, it was a great lesson. Planning a successful strategy for you requires that I Iisten attentively to what you want. Possibly more important is also to understand and relate to what you’re dealing with in order to best help you.

Now the “why” always comes first to this Relate-or!