3 naked truths about Open House


If you’re selling your house there’s a good chance you’ve asked your listing agent to hold an open house. Most sellers do. They’re hoping/expecting that the perfect buyer is going to walk through the front door, fall in love with the house and immediately write a great offer on it. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Too bad the chances of that actually happening are extremely slim. It’s not that we agents don’t wish for it too, but it almost NEVER works that way. We continue to do open houses mostly to please our sellers.

Truth #1: Open houses produce better results for the agent than the seller. Most open house guests won’t like enough about your house to actually purchase it. Agents know this and will often pull out a list of other homes in that same price range to show the buyer. If that buyer isn’t already committed, the agent picks up a new buyer to work with.

Truth #2: Many open house guests are curious neighbors looking for decorating ideas or other home-sellers who had to find something to do while THEIR OWN houses are being held open.

Truth #3: Once in a while, open house guests are actually thieves looking for drugs to steal from the house if the agent is busy with other guests and not watching closely enough.

Just thought you’d like to know.